Welcome to ElfWitch.com!!

Welcome to my blog!!!

I am an artist that enjoys playing in just about every medium I can get a hold of. LOL. Currently I am exploring sculpting using polymer clay and Aves Apoxie Clays, as well as returning to my original love of pencils – and creating artworks in graphite, inks, colored and watercolor pencils, as well as painting in acrylics and watercolors.

Many people have asked why I chose “ElfWitch” as the name for my site. I chose that because I do find sculpting and drawing to be sort of medicinal, as well as magical. Medicine women were often commonly called witches in the old days and art is sort of magical all on it’s own so it just seemed like a great name.

The image that name called to mind is the drawing on the right, an elfin maiden who is also a medicine woman versed in magics. Plus it just rolls off the tongue and I just like the sound of it!

I hope that you enjoy my site and my art and that you visit it often to see what new things I have created for your enjoyment as well as mine! hehe!

Often folks ask me about my wing and mermaid fin tutorial. It’s actually held on the OG’s Tutorials section in the Article Library, and not on this site.

But here is the direct link to my tutorial (just click the banner below):


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