Finally back … and making some changes to how I sell things!

Well, it’s been a long hard year and a half, lots of major health scares and issues for me and my family, and lots of homework with school, combined with a move to another city since our landlord decided to stop paying the mortgage (this is the 4th landlord to do this to us that we’ve rented from in 5 years!) has made it so that the last time I sold anything (or really made any art at all) Fall 2011. But I am finally back!

Getting the art room unpacked and set up finally and starting to list a lot of the things I made in the summer and fall of 2011, and slowly catching up online here and there! 🙂

I have decided that I will start listing all nudes and adult themed art underneath a different site and a different name – as the other fantasy art sites) is just far better suited to my fantasy/ faery/ mermaid/ elf/ dragon/ halloween art themes and the sexy nudes and erotic art just seemed to stick out like a sore thumb!

So I will now be posting all my adult/erotic art on

And listing it under the ebay ID “NaughtyliciousArt

As well as in my Etsy store:

So if you like buying my adult artwork, then you will want to start looking for it there from here on out! 🙂

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This post was written by Faerydae on December 31, 2012

Finished another commissioned painting!

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Yay! This one was a long time in coming … school and a variety of other things kept delaying it so I was sooo happy to finally get it done!

And now with school out – I can start painting more and doing some sculpting! Kinda curious if I can finish a few sculpts this summer!

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This post was written by Faerydae on May 26, 2011

Commissioned Mermaid Painting Finished!!

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Well finally getting progress done on my commissions, and finishing them!

Here is one of them all done – I was asked to do something similar to Bella, but different and larger … and this is how she turned out!

Muriel ... a Mermaid ACEO

I really like how it turned out! I am going to make prints of this one for sure! 🙂

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I’ve been featured in an ArtFire collection! w00t!

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I woke up today to a HUGE compliment … I had been added to a collection on ArtFire for the FIRST time ever!

The note telling me about it was SO sweet and it just made my day!

And to top it off, the other artists that she chose to be in the collection are several of my “fantasy art buddies” – so it wound up being sort of a double-honor … as it is always a pleasure and honor to be in their company! 🙂

Here is the link to check it out!! If you like it, please give it a good rating and I am told that comments are always welcome!! 🙂

ACEOS, Fairies, Mermaids, and Fantastical Creatures Collection

Just a really cool thing to wake up to!

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This post was written by Faerydae on November 11, 2010

Listing more prints and things to my ArtFire shop!

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Well, been starting to add in my giclee prints and the things that just never sold on eBay into my Art Fire shop!

Have to say that so far it is my favorite venue that I have set up on … it looks so nice and is so easy to navigate! Plus having several options for payment besides just PayPal is always a nice thing!

Come on by and check it often – you never know what I might decide to throw in there! 🙂

Thanks for looking!!

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This post was written by Faerydae on November 9, 2010

I’m Going to College!!

I’ve decided to go back to school and get myself a honest to gosh degree!

And even better, it’s the college of my dreams, the Academy of Art in San Francisco! I have wanted to go there since I was a teenager!!

Now I’m just totally obsessed with trying to earn enough money selling whatever I can to cover the enrollment fee, the application fee and the basic supplies!

Once I actually an enrolled THEN I can start trying to see about loans or financial aid – turns out … while there is aid and help for people that already ARE students, *nothing* appears to exist out there to help a person *BECOME* a student. You actually have to be accepted AND enrolled as a student before any institution will apparently even consider you at all.

Which is REALLY frustrating – I was hoping to get a loan and then use THAT to pay the initial fees, but it doesn’t appear that is remotely a possibility.

Anyways. If you are someone that likes to support my work – NOW is the time to buy, I’m going to be offering a LOT of things that I’d decided to keep for my own collection again, and I’m only really to do this because I’ve decided that my education needs to come first.

My “sale” isn’t so much a sale where I reduce prices – because the truth is, I need to cover these fees if I want to go to college this semester and things just aren’t selling like they used to in this economy – but it is a sale in that I’m willing to let choice pieces go that I had previously decided were not ever going to be for sale ever or ones that I had decided I’d never offer for sale again.

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This post was written by Faerydae on August 9, 2010

Enchanted Doll Artists Conference

So the OG ( is donating things for the EDAC Welcome Bags, and so I made a bunch of keychains to donate!

Thought I’d share a picture of a few of them here just for kicks and giggles! 🙂

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This post was written by Faerydae on July 26, 2010

Sexy Comic Book ACEOs!! Marvel, DC, etc!

Yup! I am FINALLY doing it! I am an ex-hardcore comic book and action figure collector that used to have an 80-90 dollar a week habit and that was just in comic books. LOL. It would easily jump during “crossover hell season” (LOL!) when I would then have to buy titles that I didn’t normally follow to get the full story arc.

From about the age of 7 – I always wanted to draw comic books. I even created a few comics with my brother when he was 9 and I was 7, and I was collecting comics from the age of six, so comics and I have had a long long love affair with each other. I tried a few contests with Image Comics and even went so far as to request a submission package (back when they actually SENT such things out LOL!) from Marvel and Image but never sent them back … as I was terrified of deadlines. I still am actually, lol!

Anyway, I gave up my dream of earning a living drawing comics a decade or so ago … andf slowly weaned myself off my comic collecting habit when I became a little more poor. Now I treat myself like a recovering alcoholic, I try to stay away from comic shops, though they lure and beckon me with a sordid sweetness that I relish so much! LOL. Every so often though – I dive into one and try to get out as fast as I can before I get sucked back into the story lines – usually because I’m breaking down and buying another action figure … last time I did that was for the Dawn action figures, because like well c’mon man, it’s DAWN! I totally HAD to break for Dawn! LOL!

Fast forward to this week … I realized hey – why not have some fun and do some ACEOs with comic characters and hey, make ’em sexy nudes! Soooooooooooo I did. Threw down a Supergirl in a tight half shirt and panties and a nude Rogue. Cuz yanno poor Rogue never gets to bop around all in the buff and it’s sad cuz you know, she is like so BUFF! lol

Besides figured I might as well start hammering out the Marvel universe characters NOW since Disney went and bought them .. sure as hell they will start cracking down on all the fan art artists that draw and sell pics of Marvel characters. I’m rather angry at myself for waiting THIS long – such a shame to see Disney ruin more artistic expression by grabbing up the Marvel characters, it totally bums me out. I sure hope they don’t totally censor the Marvel universe!

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This post was written by Faerydae on September 15, 2009

Getting ready for Deb Wood’s seminar and the OG’s first Online Art Show!!

Wow – talk about hectic!!

I am INSANELY busy – getting ready for a 6 day sculpting seminar with Deb Wood and then the first Online Art Show for!

Want to learn more about the Online Art Show at OOAKguild? Click here:

Plus getting out my ATC cards for my swaps and finishing a tattoo for my friend for the tattoo party that she is throwing this weekend, and man … just sooooooo much to do!

I’ve been adding a LOT of merchandise to my Zazzle click here to check it out: Faerydae’s Merchandise

I just scored a HUGE bunch of zucchini, so I will be baking zucchini bread ALL week and spaghetti sauce to freeeze for the seminar, as I will be cooking a meal or two for everyone while we are there.

Just not enough timeeeeeeee! ACK! LOL

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This post was written by Faerydae on September 11, 2009