ACEOs / sketch cards WIP updates

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A little progress on these babies ….

And here is a peek at the newest batch of comic ACEO / sketch cards…

Plugging away at my commissions … hoping to get those done as school is almost starting! Wheeee!

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This post was written by Faerydae on August 17, 2011

WIPs on my desk …

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So okay, I’m starting to re-enter the comic world, at long long last, and it feels a little like coming home! 🙂

Though I’m just doing some comic art cards and commissions … and not collecting, because, well, that’s an addiction and I just get wayyyyyy out of hand when I start reading comics. LOL.

So anyways, turns out there is a huge community for comic art out there (who knew? I suppose *I* should have,  lol!) and there is even a huge art card community – though they call them personal sketch cards. Geeez when I stopped collecting in the late 90’s, cards weren’t really all that big of a deal – but now it’s a huge industry!

So I scored some prismacolor markers, and started playing with those … I’ve been fascinated by what other artists are putting out with THEIR markers and OMG – these things are SOOOO freaking COOL! So if anyone wants to send me presents?? Send me these markers – cuz they are EXPENSIVE! (seriously, if you want to show me HUGE love, send me markers – or gift certificates to Michael’s! hee hee!)

Anyways, thought I’d give folks a little peek at some of the cards I started on last night …

The chibi Dawn card (from Lisner’s Dawn comic for those that have never seen his AMAZING comic!) is currently my favorite right now … I couldn’t resist trying to do an uber-cute chibi of her, and I think it came out really nicely so far!

What do you think?

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Commissioned Mermaid Painting Finished!!

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Well finally getting progress done on my commissions, and finishing them!

Here is one of them all done – I was asked to do something similar to Bella, but different and larger … and this is how she turned out!

Muriel ... a Mermaid ACEO

I really like how it turned out! I am going to make prints of this one for sure! 🙂

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Sexy Comic Book ACEOs!! Marvel, DC, etc!

Yup! I am FINALLY doing it! I am an ex-hardcore comic book and action figure collector that used to have an 80-90 dollar a week habit and that was just in comic books. LOL. It would easily jump during “crossover hell season” (LOL!) when I would then have to buy titles that I didn’t normally follow to get the full story arc.

From about the age of 7 – I always wanted to draw comic books. I even created a few comics with my brother when he was 9 and I was 7, and I was collecting comics from the age of six, so comics and I have had a long long love affair with each other. I tried a few contests with Image Comics and even went so far as to request a submission package (back when they actually SENT such things out LOL!) from Marvel and Image but never sent them back … as I was terrified of deadlines. I still am actually, lol!

Anyway, I gave up my dream of earning a living drawing comics a decade or so ago … andf slowly weaned myself off my comic collecting habit when I became a little more poor. Now I treat myself like a recovering alcoholic, I try to stay away from comic shops, though they lure and beckon me with a sordid sweetness that I relish so much! LOL. Every so often though – I dive into one and try to get out as fast as I can before I get sucked back into the story lines – usually because I’m breaking down and buying another action figure … last time I did that was for the Dawn action figures, because like well c’mon man, it’s DAWN! I totally HAD to break for Dawn! LOL!

Fast forward to this week … I realized hey – why not have some fun and do some ACEOs with comic characters and hey, make ’em sexy nudes! Soooooooooooo I did. Threw down a Supergirl in a tight half shirt and panties and a nude Rogue. Cuz yanno poor Rogue never gets to bop around all in the buff and it’s sad cuz you know, she is like so BUFF! lol

Besides figured I might as well start hammering out the Marvel universe characters NOW since Disney went and bought them .. sure as hell they will start cracking down on all the fan art artists that draw and sell pics of Marvel characters. I’m rather angry at myself for waiting THIS long – such a shame to see Disney ruin more artistic expression by grabbing up the Marvel characters, it totally bums me out. I sure hope they don’t totally censor the Marvel universe!

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This post was written by Faerydae on September 15, 2009

WIP: Merman Painting

Here is my first merman painting, and my second OSWOA.

I’m going to name him Talos I think …

Not too bad for a first run, huh? LOL!

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This post was written by Faerydae on July 19, 2009

WIP Update : Mermaid OSWOA

Here is my latest update on my WIP for my Mermaid OSWOA!!

She still needs some work done, but she is looking good so far I think!

Desi : WIP : Mermaid OSWOA

Desi : WIP : Mermaid OSWOA

Hope you like her!! 🙂

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WIP: Mermaid OSWOA …. my first!

This is my very first OSWOA (which stands for Original Small Works Of Art) is a piece of art no bigger than 4×6 in size!

I am excited to give this size a try – it’s about double the size of an ACEO almost – so not sure if I will enjoy the extra space or hate it LOL

Anyway … here she is!

WIP: Mermaid OSOWA

I hope to have her all finished by tomorrow! WooHoo!

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My latest WIP sculpt …

So I took Carrie’s class again – and if you ever have a chance to take a class with her, you so should! – and this time, I had my armature done in advance and had started on the sculpt before class so that I would actually have something to show this time around LOL!

I did pretty good considering I am suchhhhhhh a slowpoke LOL.

Anyway, this is where she is at now:

I might actually make a little dragonling for her to be interacting with – which would be a big first for me!

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My little BOH …

So I’m doing a Bottle of Hope for a co-worker that has been fighting luekemea.

I’ve been struggling with the lid for about a week now – the bottle is a glass bottle with a screw on plastic lid, so it can’t be baked. But I also didn’t want to add a lot of bulk as I knew the leaf canes would be bulking it up a bunch.

Anyway – I finally got it to work – here is a picture of the inside of the lid – as you can see the apoxie for the side had cracked and the lid is in multiple pieces – five to be exact LOL.

But i *finally* got it to look perfect and even more importantly – work flawlessly once put onto the plastic lid!

So here is a little peek of the inside of the lid:

Inside of the lid

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This post was written by Faerydae on April 2, 2009

WIP – Julana Halloween Witch ACEO : Progress made!

Well I finally made some progress on this WIP today and I think she looks pretty striking!

WIP: Julana Halloween Witch ACEO

WIP: Julana Halloween Witch ACEO

Just needs a bit more detail … maybe something in the background. I think I will do a tea bag for the back image. Maybe on a saucer or something. Not sure yet.

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