Christmas ACEO s, Angel ACEO s, Mermaid ACEO s, and more! Special ONE DAY sale on ebay!

Okay folks, well I need to make rent in a single day – other half broke his foot about a month ago and the government STILL has not finished processing his temporary disability check – so without his income OR the disability due to his injury … we are shirt of the rent this month.

With no one to borrow or beg from LOL, I am left to try to off some artwork on ebay ASAP.

If you want to support an artist and grab some up some relatively inexpensive art, now would be a great time – we for sure would appreciate it!

I really hate red tape, they told us it would only take a week to process his claim, 3 and a half weeks ago! Blast the government and taking forever with their paperwork of doom!

Anyways – since these listings are all set to end tomorrow since that is when rent is due … I’ll just share the link here:

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This post was written by Faerydae on December 5, 2010

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