Art supplies that I dream of owning someday ….

We all have them, I know, those daydreams of wishing we could afford this or that art supply to create with.

Right now I am SERIOUSLY wishing that I could get a hold of one of the larger prismacolor pen sets, and it KILLS me because I found a GREAT set for dirt cheap on ebay, BUT I have NO way to buy them – it’s just a freaking crying shame!

By the time my listings expire and they are possibly purchased to getting the money, that great deal is going to fly right past me, once again. *sigh* Wouldn’t it freaking ROCK to have a patron or two that would be willing to fund purchasing art supplies in order to be able to create even more artwork … it’s soooo hard to be able to afford the little I do get in supplies, that sometimes I just wish I’d find someone willing to toss some art supplies off some wish list as a surprise gift a couple times a year, LOL!

Actually that might not be such a horrid idea, to create a gift wish list – that way my family and friends at the very least would be able to use that if they ever wanted to buy me art stuff but weren’t sure what I’d love to have!

Wouldn’t that be nice though? To have a surprise gift in the mail off your art supply wish list unexpectedly arrive one day???

What do you think? I’d love to hear what your thoughts on that would be!

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This post was written by Faerydae on July 12, 2011

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