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So okay, I’m starting to re-enter the comic world, at long long last, and it feels a little like coming home! 🙂

Though I’m just doing some comic art cards and commissions … and not collecting, because, well, that’s an addiction and I just get wayyyyyy out of hand when I start reading comics. LOL.

So anyways, turns out there is a huge community for comic art out there (who knew? I suppose *I* should have,  lol!) and there is even a huge art card community – though they call them personal sketch cards. Geeez when I stopped collecting in the late 90’s, cards weren’t really all that big of a deal – but now it’s a huge industry!

So I scored some prismacolor markers, and started playing with those … I’ve been fascinated by what other artists are putting out with THEIR markers and OMG – these things are SOOOO freaking COOL! So if anyone wants to send me presents?? Send me these markers – cuz they are EXPENSIVE! (seriously, if you want to show me HUGE love, send me markers – or gift certificates to Michael’s! hee hee!)

Anyways, thought I’d give folks a little peek at some of the cards I started on last night …

The chibi Dawn card (from Lisner’s Dawn comic for those that have never seen his AMAZING comic!) is currently my favorite right now … I couldn’t resist trying to do an uber-cute chibi of her, and I think it came out really nicely so far!

What do you think?

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