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I am a self-taught artist that began my journey to develop as an artist from the time that I realized a pencil, pen, or crayon could make a line. Fairies, dragons, elves, wolves, centaurs, unicorns, horses, birds, butterflies and pixies were my usual choice of subject matter.


I am also a pagan I suppose – in the sense that I’m Buddhist, though I’ve become very interested in Celtic, Druidic, and other typically labeled “pagan” theologies and belief systems and have been trying to learn more about them … as I know very little.


I have long been drawn to my native American ancestry as I am also of Choctaw descent, and have been actively learning and connecting to my Indian heritage, as much as I can. I have been strongly called to a shamanic path, and am currently waking the red path somewhat … though with some hesitation as I have no elders nor teachers yet from which to learn (pretty much I’m pulling most of it from nature and the lessons that are shown to me as best as I can, though it can be confusing at times).


I am also increasingly more interested in learning more about metaphysics, mediation and learning about alternative journeys. I will also say though that I am “God friendly” – in that I have not closed the door on any religion or theology really, as I am a work in progress, lol. Really there is so much to learn from all theologies and they are all so fascinating … belief systems just really intrigue me in a very deep way.


Back to my art … I credit Wendy Pini and ElfQuest with my leap in navigating the learning curve of how to draw and create an illusion of three dimensions in a two dimensional medium. Her artwork captivated and fascinated me and deeply inspired me to attempt to develop that level of skill in my drawings. To this day, I guard my original ElfQuest issues that I waited an agonizing 3 months to get in my little mailbox 4 times a year with all the passion of a zealot.


I learned by outright copying and tracing her work until my hand grew accustomed to the movement my hand, fingers, and arm made to produce certain lines. There were three of us – back in the beginning, our little drawing troop as it were.


We all loved ElfQuest and we all traced the dickens out of it all the while SWEARING to the others that we did it on our own. LOL! We were SO cute, and I seriously do not think we were fooling ANYone but ourselves! We were all so sweet-natured, that even though we knew and suspected, it did not color our hearts towards the others, it drove us to get better and improve I think. We were good kids with good hearts, I guess.


Anyway, I fully advocate and support anyone that chooses to teach themselves in such a manner – but in case some budding artist happens to read this – please realize that it is also VERY important to acknowledge the artist that you are copying from in order to learn.


Because after all, if you keep it up and practice every day, you WILL one day become very good at what you do, if not fantastic, and someone will become inspired by YOUR works, and will copy it, and how would you feel seeing your artwork copied and promoted and paraded as being their creation? Copyrights are ALWAYS good to acknowledge, and it’s just the right thing to do! 🙂 It’s a little different when you are like 8 or 9 and you don’t really know better (but if you are reading this, you will know better *now*) but this will become HUGELY important as the years pass.


Remember, others see our influences in our work often a LOT easier than we do ourselves. Most of the time you fool only yourself when pretending someone else’s work is your own. OWN your skill and your progress. If nothing else, at the end of the day, it can be at times the only REAL thing that you truly do *own*. So be good to it, and do the work it takes to make it yours.


Anyway, I drew all the way through high school. Around the age of 17-18 however, I started having trouble, and hit the beginning of what would end up being a 15-17 year creative block.


I am just starting to re-emerge from that long silence. One of the things that sparked this was my long interest in sculpting. I have for a long time wanted to work in stone, wood, metal, and clay. However a kiln, a space to hold that kiln and space to sculpt in and hold any serious large scale sculpting supplies and the work itself simply has never manifested for me. I remember when Sculpey first came out – and I dabbled in it, and it just wasn’t agreeable to me.


Fast forward to 2005, and I discovered the OOAK dolls that are now on the market and I researched how they were doing these marvelous creations and realized WOW – this is within my reach! So I took the plunge and started exploring that medium.


And lo and behold, people LIKE faeries and elves and magical creatures, the very things that I used to create daily and was told that I could never make a living with and why not choose more traditional ways of making a living with art but that never really interested me as much! And I’m seeing folks make some decent money out of their creations and those works of art are SO lovely and beautiful, and they just sparked that which was so silent in me for so long.


So I have been slowly coming back to a part of myself that I am only starting to realize how badly I missed and needed that around me! I’m only now just starting to flex my creativity and long dormant art “muscles” and am learning this new medium that crossed so many of my interests.


I am now working towards my first college degree at the school of my dreams, the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, which is challenging but very rewarding at the same time.


So that’s a little about me and my background and what kinds of things I’m planning to do! I hope you enjoy my work and that you enjoy this site, and that you visit it often to see what new things I am currently working on or what I’ve completed!

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This post was written by Faerydae on March 6, 2007

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