Spirit of Life : Growing Hope : Bottle of Hope Necklace

About Spirit of Life : Growing Hope : Bottle of Hope Necklace:
This Bottle of Hope (BOH) is a hand made, OOAK (one of a kind) BOH, which I created and sculpted without the use of molds in any sense or in any aspect.

She measures just under 3 inches tall. She is made from Kato polymer clay, and the leaves were done with a simple leaf cane.

She has a screw off lid, and is complete without her root stand. The stand was made due to her being a mite too "top heavy", and wanting to fall over if the surface she is on is jostled, so the roots support her and help her to stand tall without falling over, much like real roots do. Plus it adds to the sense of growth, of a living energy, of renewal, of life, of hope, or at least I think it does! :)

Her face was hand painted with quality iridescent powders and she has been painted with a satin clear coat to help protect her. She has a delicate tag that dangles off the top line (where the necklace thong would go as well) and the tag has tiny leaves on it and says "hope".

I was just hoping that this would give Christopher a feeling of being outside, of lush forests and green growing things since while doing he is doing chemo, he can't really have plants and such, and to let him know that we are all rooting for him as he battles his leukemia. Hopefully it isn't too "girlie" for him, lol!

Here are some more pictures of her!!
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