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About Myrna's Tidal Grotto
What you see here is my first finished sculpt, one that I have been amazed that I became so attached to.

Myrna is a hand made, OOAK (one of a kind) mermaid doll, which I lovingly sculpted without the use of molds in any sense or in any aspect.

From her pert flank to her little head she measures a mere 2.5 inches. From her head to the base of her tail, she measures just 5.5 inches. Including the very end tips of her tail fins ... her total length is 7.25 inches. The length of the fins are almost 3.5 inches, and the combined fin-span is slightly over 3 inches.

She was sculpted with a mixture of Prosculpt clays, over a strong wire armature, and her hair is a glorious dark and deep auburn color with rich highlights that gleam in the light, created from tibetan lamb hair. It is super silky and oh so soft, I constantly find myself playing with it as it just feels so delightful.

In fact -- I couldn't bring myself to style it or fix it in any way as I was having too much fun playing with it and doing different hairstyles! :) So I left it alone ... thinking her future owner might enjoy doing the same or adding embellishments of their own or changing her hairstyle from time to time. Her silver floral headdress, however, is permanently affixed to her head.

She was hand painted with quality Genesis heat set paints and her body has been delicately blushed and shaded all over to lend a sense of realism and movement.

Her tail shimmers with a combination of paints and pearlescent powders -- though the paint clogged the hand-sculpted individual scales, they still show through with a rippled effect so that it still carries a scaled appearance. Her flanks also have a hint of red that blends into a deep purple and then into the indigo blue as a bit of detail that ties her auburn hair to the color of her tail.

The tail fins are amazingly flexible and can be manipulated in several ways as you like, though of course, being gentle with them is always a good idea! They are iridescent and shimmer in the light. She also wears a simple and delicate string of tiny beads on her tail as another decoration. Her tail has a glossy finish so that it has that "wet" look.

She wears a surgical steel arm band that is wrapped around her right bicep as a simple decoration.

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The Tidal Grotto was also sculpted by my hands. It is a wooden base on which tiny gravel stones have been permanently glued into place, with a ring of larger polished stones handpicked by me. The sides were covered with sturdy and strong Aves Clay, in which I set in alternating clamshells, snail shells and smaller rocks. The base is supported by 4 small short and round "legs" that have a plastic pad on the bottom of each one to protect any surface it is placed on from being scratched.

The Tidal Grotto comes complete with a collection of 17 removable objects! Each object was carefully chosen to compliment the size scale in which Myna was sculpted in.

The seaweed consists of three strands of "kelp" that look to be flowing in the tidal currents, and were hand made by me with a mixture of Prosculpt and Fimo clays combined with pearlescent powders and then shaded with a glittering mixture of pearlescent powder and Genesis paints, so that they subtly gleam and glitter as if they were underwater. The seaweed is free standing, as the base is also made of Prosculpt clay with tiny rocks mounded over it so that it blends seamlessly into the Tidal Grotto base -- becoming a "part" of it, no matter where it is placed on the base!
The sea anemone was also sculpted by me
with a mixture of clays, and then hand painted.

The rest of the Tidal Grotto collection are 3 miniature purple clamshells, a super-tiny all white clamshell, 3 tiny dried starfish in three sizes, a super tiny and REALLY delicate dried sand dollar, a gorgeous dried natural sea urchin, 5 snail shells, one of which has a sculpted tiny green snail body and a very cute tiny glass crab that was hand-blown by an artist in Russia!

To see the images of Myrna as a work in progress,
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I stand behind my work 100%, so if something happens during shipping, or as time passes please contact me to fix the sculpt. Myrna and her grotto are primarily clay sculptures and should be handled with some care.

Myrna's Tidal Grotto is signed and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

I charge a flat rate for carefully packing and shipping my sculpture to reach you undamaged and whole. Her shipping will be insured, which is included in the shipping and handling, and will have a tracking number to minimize any risk of it getting lost. The rates listed are for U.S only.

The "Other" listed for shipping is for DHL with insurance.

Any international bidders - please realize this would be a dutiable shipment, and as such, customs do charge a fee (usually based on the value of the shipment being shipped) for it to be allowed to pass through customs. The buyer will be responsible to pay these fees!

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